How It Works

The labeler dispenses pre-printed labels as cans pass by along the conveyor. The adhesive on the label touches the can and is wrapped around using pressure from the side guides to securely adhere labels to wet or dry cans. Plastic backed labels with dairy adhesive are preferred due to their resistance to tearing and superior adherence.



  • Control operations from a touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • One-touch label setup positions label quickly and correctly

  • Missing label detection with optional machine shut down

  • Job memory to store up to 30 settings for future use

  • Stepper motor ensures fast accurate label delivery

  • Label count feature lets you track progress

  • HMI and label roll locations are configurable to fit your specific layout

  • Capable of pre-application printing of date code on label

  • 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction

  • Mobile or stationary options available


Dimensions (L x W x H):

48" x 39" x 48" (1219 x 991 x 1219 mm)


Approx 330 lbs (150 kgs)


110-240V, 1 phase

Max Label Size: 

6" x 11.8" (152 x 300 mm)

Max Container Width: 

4" (101 mm)

Spool Diameter: 

14" (356 mm)

Inner Core: 

3" (76 mm)