How It Works

Choose your combination of equipment from Rinse Tunnel, Labeler, PakTech Applicator, and Accumulation Table to include on a single mobile cart that can be easily moved in and out of any space. We will connect all the equipment with necessary conveying to make your canning day setup easier than ever.



  • Stainless steel frame

  • Customizable deck height

  • Heavy duty locking wheels for easy mobility

Combo Options Available

  1. Rinse, Label

  2. Rinse, Accumulation, Label

  3. Rinse, Accumulation, Label, Discharge

  4. Rinse, Label, PakTech

  5. Rinse, Label, PakTech, Discharge

  6. Rinse, Label, Accumulation, PakTech

  7. Rinse, Label, Accumulation, PakTech, Discharge

  8. Rinse, PakTech

  9. Rinse, Accumulation, PakTech

  10. Rinse, Accumulation, PakTech, Discharge


*All specifications depend on the combination and configuration of equipment you choose.