How It Works

Beverage canning is a very wet process. The cans are first rinsed before filling, small amounts of product overflow when applying the lid and seaming the can, then the sealed cans receive a final rinse with fresh water to achieve a clean product. The Sure Dry Blower provides an improved manifold with adjustable fingers to dry hard to reach places. The manifold is powered by a blower rather than a compressor. The blower sheets water off the can with low pressure and reduces the load on your compressor. Overall costs are reduced and the life of your compressor is extended for performing other essential operations on your canning line.



  • Adjustable fingers to accommodate varying package sizes

  • Access hard to reach places on cans and bottles

  • Adaptable to integrate with any conveyor on the market

  • Designed to sheet water off any vessel

  • Specialty air nozzles improve performance and efficiency

  • Reduced energy requirements for canning

  • Paxton PX Series centrifugal blower

  • Adustable 40” (1016mm) deck height


Dimensions (L x W x H):

Blower: 20" x 25" x 31" (6096 x 7620 x 9449 mm)

Manifold: 12" x 24" x 24" (3658 x 7315 x 7315 mm)


225 lbs (102 kgs)


230V, 3phase, 7.2 amps


460V, 3 phase, 3.5 amps

*All specifications are approximate and depend on individual application.