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How It Works

The Depalletizer automates the process of removing and stacking slip sheets between cans, pushing bulk can supply layer by layer onto conveying, and indexing cans into single file for feeding into the canning line. A built in computer gives the operator complete control over every operation to adjust push speeds, lower speeds, and single filer speeds as well as set alerts, # of can layers, and can size.



  • Multiple configurations and custom heights available to accommodate your packaging line layout 

  • Superior quality motors and gearboxes with food grade bearings 

  • Integrated Chain Lifting System automatically elevates cans to the next layer 

  • Side driven sweep arm and locking hardware keeps cans clean during operation 

  • Safety locks to keep components from crashing down in the event of a power failure 

  • Automatic safety doors close around pallet for added protection

  • Ground level mesh safety fence with light curtains detects any obstructions at the pallet infeed and discharge areas

  • Platform safety fence with light curtains detects obstructions and stops operation for increased safety

  • PLC with larger touchscreen HMI 

  • Optional remote access from a phone or tablet 

  • Three VFDs for speed flexibility 

  • Hoist VFD: control rise and decent of pallets 

  • Sweep VFD: control pushing of cans onto the single filer 

  • Single Filer VFD: control speed of cans feeding into the track

  • Can pack control during can layer sweep to prevent cans from tipping

  • Pneumatic slip sheet removal

  • Flat rack slip sheet accumulation for easy return to the can maker

  • Staging area for a two pallets allows for continuous feed of cans into the canning line without reloading

  • Automated pallet infeed of staged pallet

  • Automated empty pallet discharge for a two pallet

  • Top picture frame removal: just cut the straps on the pallet and let the DPL-500 take care of the rest

  • Full top layer container sweep onto conveyor

  • Includes a mass conveyor discharge area with a single filer


Dimensions (L x W x H):

256" x 119" x 200" 

(6503 x 3023 x 5080 mm)


4500 lbs (2042 kgs)


208-240V, 3 phase, 35 Amps


8 CFM @ 110 PSI


Up to 1000 CPM (under ideal conditions)

*All specifications are approximate and depend on individual application.



Get inspired with a variety of canning line designs.

DISCHARGE Layout2.jpg


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