How It Works

The Twist Rinse is a precise piece of equipment that inverts empty cans for rinsing with either ionized air, sanitizer, or water before bringing them back to upright and feeding into the filler. Multiple Twist Rinses can be mounted to a Depalletizer for changing can sizes in a fraction of the time. Our Twist Rinses are designed and tested based on commercial grade standards used by major can manufacturers. Each one undergoes a qualification system to ensure cans flow freely through the twist.



  • 5/8 inch half round stainless steel construction 

  • Topside backbone for strength and support 

  • Bolts directly to depalletizer and filler without additional supports 

  • Hand feed options available with floor supports 

  • Includes water rinse, drip tray, and NPT drain connection to keep water off the floor 

  • Dual bottom rails allow large debris to fall from cans 

  • Compatible with all depalletizers and fillers on the market 

  • Track sizes available for any size can 

  • Mount multiple track sizes to the same depalletizer 

  • Achieve speeds from 2-1400 CPM



Dimensions (L x W x H):

103" x 82" x 6.5"

(2616 x 2083 x 165 mm)


75 lbs (34 kgs)


Approx 0.2 gal/min (0.75 L/min)


Optional ionized air rinse available

*All specification are approximate and depend on individual application.