At Codi Manufacturing we offer a wide range of case conveying equipment including Standard conveying, single belt touchless case turners, palletizer infeeds, roller retrofit systems and additional retrofit systems tailored to your specific needs. With experience in both the D&I can manufacturing process and the filling process our team of engineers, fabricators, and installers will ensure your conveying system exceeds your canning system expectations.


The Codi Retrofit applies to any Case Conveying system including Straights, Inclines, Declines, Corners, S-turns, Accumulating and Palletizer Infeeds. Drop-In Drive/Tail ensures shaft alignment, controlled transfer points and easy installation. Excluding side frames,  all existing rollers and internal parts are removed, which reduces the number of moving parts by 95%.  This system increases production, eliminates stranded cases, and reduces maintenance.


Maximize throughput with Palletizer Infeed conveyors. With this system belt tracking issues are eliminated and change over time is reduced. By reducing moving parts, maintenance time and costs are reduced as well. Featuring Motors that are mounted above the frame, and adjustable case centering guide rail, our Palletizer Infeed conveyors may be just what you need to increase throughput in your plant.


Codi Single Belt Touchless Case Turner gently orients products 90, 180, and 270 degrees. The Codi Case Turner eliminates case impact or bump turning, reduces moving parts and removes additional drives. Rolls are used to create a speed differential under the cases causing them to rotate to the desired orientation.