Infinite Can Sizes

The lowerator is a great alternative when multiple twist rinses are needed to accommodate various can sizes. It is a single piece of equipment that offers simple and quick changeovers between can sizes and additional space saving benefits. 

At a Glance

  • 304 stainless steel construction with tap and gripper chain

  • Single point adjustment of side guides for different can body diameters

  • VFD controlled: runs when cans are needed and stops when they're not

  • Entry and exit heights are equal to the depalletizer and filler deck heights, respectively

  • Achieve speeds anywhere between 10 and 500 CPM

  • Excellent date coding capabilities due to the constant running speed

  • Easily mount a water or ionized air rinser for pre-fill can cleaning

  • 2 versions available: with or without inversion

  • Low maintenance design

Benefits to You

Quick Changeover

The ability to easily change between each and every can size with a single point adjustment saves you time and increases overall efficiency in your packaging line. Stop fumbling with mounting and dismounting of multiple twist rinses.

Save Valuable Space

Space is hard to come by in many beverage production facilities. The lowerator is a compact piece of equipment that occupies half the amount space of multiple mounted twist rinses.

Package at Your Own Pace

Whether you're canning 5 barrels or 500 barrels, the lowerator can accommodate anywhere from 10-500CPM allowing you the freedom to package at your own pace.

Product Differentiation

Standing out in today's beverage market can prove to be challenging. With a lowerator (and addtional seamer tooling), you have the flexibility of packaging your products in a variety of containers. 

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