• Various configurations available to handle full or half height pallets

  • Can use forklift, pallet jack, or pull the pallet of cans onto the hoist 

  • Exchange pallets in 1 to 2 minutes

  • Multiple conveyor discharge configurations available

  • 4-chain electric hoist with variable frequency drive with the counter weight 

  • Stainless steel can guides

  • Reflective sensors for can height recognition

  • Vacuum style pick-up assembly incorporated into the sweep arm

  • Slip sheets are stacked automatically onto pallet for easy return to can maker

  • Choose your custom powder coat color

  • HMI for easy user interface and control

  • Adjustable cycle speeds

  • Variable frequency drives on both the sweep and lift

  • Optimized cycle speeds to maximize return actions of Pallet Hoist and Sweep Arm

  • Safety light curtains located at pallet infeed, where breaking the curtain puts the machine into a safe state.

  • Optional safety light curtains available for can sweep

  • 230V/21A | 8cfm @110psi

  • Handles full or half height pallets

  • Customized operator touchscreen interface

  • Stainless steel can guides

  • Simple to operate

  • Four-chain electric hoist with variable frequency drive

  • Multiple can heights

  • All electric and pneumatic vacuum style pickup assembly for automatic layer pad removal

  • Multiple configurations available

  • Pallet infeed conveyor with safety light curtains; Stages one pallet for quick pallet changes.

  • Hoist conveyor quickly positions and centers pallets onto the hoist

  • Empty pallet discharge conveyor

  • VFD and sensor controlled can speeds

  • Optional pallet stacker

  • Pallet stop gate positions and squares pallets

  • Laser height sensor quickly raises pallet into sweep position

  • Self contained PLC control panel

  • HMI with easy user interface

  • Adjustable cycle speeds to fit your needs

  • Variable frequency drives on both the sweep arm and hoist for gradual acceleration, deceleration, and reduced cycle times

  • Optional safety light curtains located at the sweep arm