CCL-45 Counter Pressure Filling System utilizes technology only in large rotary systems and scales it down to an affordable canning line. To maintain a quality fill the CCL-45 features CO2 Pre-Purge, Integrated Snift feature, Full control of the filling cycle, and pump powered product storage tank to increase tank pressure to keep beverages in solution at higher carbonation levels.  The CCL-45 Mobile Version of the Filling System allows Mobile Canning Companies to bring their system directly to your brewery to can your brew.


With speeds of 45 to 55 cans per minute the SH-45 Single Head Seamer is the right fit for the CCL-45 Can Filler.  The Mechanical Operation with positive can placement is durable and reliable. The seamer is easily operated directly from the Codi Filler CCL-45 touch screen interface.

With over 1.2 million cans filled, we have been incredibly happy with our Codi line.   Not only are they a one stop shop for Depal, Filler/Seamer, and custom conveyor, but their technology, and post sale support have been fantastic.

Curt Cameron, President, Thomas Hooker Brewing Co.

Bloomfield, CT

Codi manufacturing has been quick to send out upgraded part after part for the single head seamer, Technicians also came out free of charge. So It’s easy to say that they are very helpful and motivated to produce and maintain a quality product.


Seams are scanning on our QBV seam scanner well and we did not have to adjust the seamer until after the first 4000 cases had gone through the machine.


On the Ball corporation can we get less than .5% loss some days, which is exceptional for a packaging line!


From what I have seen so far, I feel like Codi will be more than willing to help us take the machine towards our ideal of low TPO, perfect fills, and perfect seams. Ask people about palmer, cask, and wild goose and they will all tell you about bad seams, foamy fills, and no customer service. To this day Jared calls me and sends out upgraded parts that I didn’t know I needed yet as they come out of engineering. (it keeps getting better)


Counter Pressure makes sense to me, doesn’t it to you? I would never fill bottles with wands like a homebrewer, why would I fill cans that way?


If given the chance to buy another canner I'd buy CODI again.

Michael Smith, Head Brewer, Eel River Brewing Co

Fortuna, CA

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