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Codi Masterclass

On Site Training with a purpose
As the Codi operators and maintenance techs of the world, it is imperative to understand your equipment through and through. The Codi masterclass is a week-long seminar hosted by the Codi Service Team that deep dives into maintenance, adjustments, and running procedures of a full canning line system.
Next class is scheduled July 22-26 2024
  • On site canning runs at 2 local Denver breweries.

  • Exclusive Codi Service Team tee shirt and mug.

  • Daily sessions covering seamer, controls, and preventative maintenance.

  • Glean a rich knowledge of operating Codi Equipment.


  • Rub elbows with fellow Codi Operators.

Interested in enrolling?

Thanks for registering! We will reach out soon with more info!

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