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Catch us in Vegas, how bout dat!

By: Jake Weesner - Lead Operator/Trainer

CBC is just around the corner, and we are pumped! Like every year, we are bringing some new equipment, re-designed systems, and that Codi charm everyone's always talking about. The most exciting thing we are bringing to CBC however is the feedback and success of our Masterclass held here at Codi. Our next class is scheduled for July 22-26th and we would love to see you there!

We’ve done a few of these classes now, and the absolute best part has been getting those texts and emails from attendees after the first few runs when they get home from the course and being over the moon about how efficient operations have become. After sitting through the Masterclass, looking at the Codi Filler in an entirely new way, no longer as a big scary steel machine that creates long days, but a series of functions and processes that require gentle manipulation as it essentially prints money in the packaging hall. 

Mark Faircloth, the production manager at Lion Bridge Brewing in Cedar Rapids Iowa joined us for our November class. After the fact, he had this to say about his experience:

I can't recommend attending the masterclass enough. The wealth of knowledge and experience gained has been extremely useful. As a Codi line operator it has allowed me to become more confident in making adjustments to the machine while running, or troubleshooting any issues that have come up since. I have also been able to help troubleshoot with other local breweries that have had an issue arise. Since attending the class we have been able to increase our running speed, while also getting more consistent fill levels on our machine without sacrificing our quality at the same time.”

One of the questions we have fielded quite regularly is “what does the class entail?”, and it is very simply broken down into the 5 scheduled days:

  • Monday - Travel day for everyone attending, In the evening there is a meet up at a local watering hole to drink some beers, so we can get to know each other and the Codi Service Team before the course begins.

  • Tuesday - Fully classroom day, focusing on the assembly and operation of the Codi filler. Diving into the science of counter pressure, what happens inside the can and filler bowl during a fill cycle. How does the machine use air and CO2, and a bunch of other various rabbit trails throughout the day.

  • Wednesday - On site run at a local brewery in the Denver area, focusing on the seamer, seam checks, and our run parameter changes.

  • Thursday - Another classroom day where we completely tear down a seamer to bare bones, just naked. Then we rebuild it, all before lunch. We spend the second half of the day going over the fine points of seamer adjustment like rail spacing, screw position, tolerances, all the buzz words.

  • Friday - The final day of class is another on site run at a local brewery. This run we focus on DO mitigation and process. We talk about foam for what seems like hours, and the true dialing of our fill levels. After the run, we obviously sit down and drink beers, eat food, and allow our brains to finally relax after a week of absolute information overload.

If you are interested in learning more about the Codi Masterclass, make sure to stop by booth #1518 at CBC and hit up the team for more information, or enroll on the spot. I’m serious, we will sign you up right then and there! You could probably even keep the pen when you're done. If you don’t happen to be joining in the festivities of CBC in Vegas this year and want to know more about the Masterclass, be sure to email us at Packaging for life, forklift certified, that's what's up!


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