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It’s been a 30+ year run for the Colorado can packaging manufacturer, and the success has come full circle. Learn the history – and the future – in this video:

Honest Beginnings

In 1992, Bill Jones embarked on a mission to manufacturing case conveyance for beverage producers across North America. His business model quickly took off, solidifying his reputation as the go-to partner in connecting packaging systems throughout facilities like Anheuser Busch and Pepsi.

As the years passed, success remained at his doorstep, but the age of retirement loomed. Although Bill continues to pay daily visits to the facility, and loves being involved with new projects, it came time to hand the reigns off to his son, Jared.

The Big Dream

Jared got his start in the beer industry and worked his way up from manufacturing parts in the shop, all the way to Chief Operating Officer at Codi Manufacturing. His experience in the beverage industry left him with a deep desire to push the envelope and take Codi Manufacturing from case conveyance to all things packaging.

To start, Jared saw a need for a smarter, better filling solution in the craft beverage industry. Codi Canning Systems was launched in 2013 with the creation of the CCL-45 Can Filler, the very first inline, counter pressure gravity filling machine on the market.

The launch of the CCL-45 drew criticism at first, but Jared knew he could prove the process was exactly what the industry needed. After 10-years, and hundreds of canning systems sold world-wide, Codi Manufacturing has become known for the counter pressure filler that revolutionized the way breweries and mobile canners package products. The system has been redesigned and re-engineered multiple times to continuously improve the packaging process, the quality and lifespan of the beverage in the can, and the overall yields for craft beverage producers.

Spilling the Tea.

While the CCL-45 has had incredible success, it is merely a piece of what Codi Manufacturing can do. From depalletizers and repalletizers, to grippers and lowerators, warmers, pasteurizers, keg & can fillers, labelers, carrier applicators, case applicators, and everything in between – Codi Manufacturing has quickly become the one-stop-shop for everything beverage producers need to perfectly package their products.

Codi Manufacturing fabricates everything in-house. This strategy allows for stringent quality checks, superior service & support, and speedy delivery and install, all at a highly competitive price point. Custom designed products are the norm at Codi, and every system (sold A La Carte) seamlessly fits together or can easily be integrated with existing packaging equipment. The solutions have no end.

The latest tagline from Codi Manufacturing, “Yeah, We Do That,” comes from a phrase that Jared uses often, and easily sums up the direction this company is headed.

What gives Codi Manufacturing that edge?

Simple. R&D. Jared and the team never stop creating and recreating solutions to problems beverage producers face daily. If a potential customer calls for something Codi doesn’t yet offer, it will immediately be added to the “to-do” list.

2023 saw the introduction of the Codi Case Applicator, and the launch of the all-new TCA-200 carrier applicator. Why? Because Codi can. The new TCA-200 carrier applicator allows beverage producers to pack out with multiple carrier styles – from EnviroClip to Craft-Pak, and beyond.

It Takes a Village.

We’d be hard-pressed to not end this article with a shout-out to the team who makes it all possible! Almost everyone in the company comes from either a brewery or has experience in packaging and manufacturing. This collective knowledge has allowed Codi Manufacturing to boost production, improve the quality of service, and relate to customers on a level the competition can’t match.

Codi Manufacturing employs over 50 people in Littleton, Colorado, and everyone has a passion for what they do. The phone never stops ringing, the forklifts never stop beeping, the welding sparks never stop flying, and the laser never stops cutting. It’s truly an experience.

For more information on packaging solutions manufactured by Codi Manufacturing, visit, or email


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