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The Masterclass is coming to Australia!

By: Jake Weesner - Lead Operator/Trainer

This November was the first Masterclass here at Codi Manufacturing, and it went beautifully! We had 9 folks from around the US, and 1 attendee that traveled from the Perth area in Australia. As the week went on, and we spoke further, they asked that we bring the class abroad, citing how beneficial it would be for so many breweries over there. Well, we're not ones to pass on a great idea, especially when that pertains to continued training on Codi equipment! The best part is, you get to decide when and where it happens!

Masterclass Session 3
Thursday session of the Masterclass, building a seamer.

Do you live here?

As we prepared for the Masterclass, the amount of interest we received from New Zealand, Australia and others from that part of the globe really took us by surprise, so it shouldn't come as a shock to be planning this so soon after the first class was completed. Take a look at the map I have here, if you live in this area of the round earth, then this class is being planned and facilitated for you! Travel to the US from here can get expensive very quickly. Even once you land, there's hotel stays, rental cars, rednecks, inflation, Karens, and so many other things that can sour the trip.

Here is an idea of how the week will play out:


Attendees travel to host city and get set up at your hotel.

Evening meet up for beers with Codi and East Coast Canning teams.


Sign in and receive packets and swag

Intro class and week expectations

Filler dissection


Can Seam teardown and measurements

Packaging run on site at a local brewery


Seamer assembly deep dive

Can flow

Timing and spacing


Preventative maintenance

Packaging run on site at a local brewery

End of week beers and food

As we move forward in planning this event, we will be working hand in hand with our great friends at East Coast Canning. Their knowledge of the area, their local customer relationships and so much more will be incredibly beneficial as we get everything together. More importantly however, we want to really cater to your needs and schedule by offering you a google survey. By filling out this form, you can control the outcome of this class, as to when and where it takes place. You can find the link below. The answers we get back will 100% dictate the date and location of the class.

Stay tuned if you want to expand your operator and maintenance team's knowledge of the Codi system. Straight from the service team, in your back yard, done and done! We will officially announce the date and location after the first of the year so get your survey answers in now! You can also reach out for more information to and we can send you financial info along with the enrollment form. Packaging for life, forklift certified, that's what's up!


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