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The Codi Masterclass, a scholarly pursuit in beverage packaging

By: Jake Weesner - Lead Operator/Trainer

Everybody has that one thing they nerd out about. It could be vintage cars, dinosaur facts, quilting, skateboards, decorative hand soaps, or even beverage packaging. Well, that last one is me to a T!... I used to be into quilting too, but I have to PATCH UP that relationship.

beverage canning startup training

Over the last few months we have received rave reviews about the new Codi Service Center, and how beneficial it has been for operators and maintenance teams across the world. The amount of information at your fingertips no matter the day or time zone. This got us thinking, why don’t we take it up a notch? Let’s put together a program where those same folks can plow through a week of training here at the factory. A week of sessions gleaning priceless information on the in’s and outs of Codi machinery. This first course will take place November 6th through the 10th here at Codi headquarters in Littleton Colorado.

The schedule for the week will be set up for Monday the 6th reserved as a travel day for all those attending. Later that evening we will all meet up at a local brewery for a couple hours of socializing and beverages. Tuesday morning the 7th at 8 am, we dive right in! We have 4 days to cover a lot of information and topics so don’t be too hung over that first morning. Wednesday and Friday that week, we will be venturing off site to a couple local friends for an in person packaging run, focusing on what we have talked about in prior sessions.

  1. Monday:

    1. Attendees travel to Denver and get set up at your hotel.

    2. 6pm dinner meet up with the service team.

  2. Tuesday:

    1. Sign in and receive packets and swag

    2. Introduction and shop tour from Jared Jones.

    3. Intro class and week expectations

    4. Filler dissection

  3. Wednesday:

    1. Can Seam teardown and measurements

    2. Packaging run off site

  4. Thursday:

    1. Seamer assembly deep dive

    2. Can flow

    3. Timing and spacing

  5. Friday:

    1. Preventative maintenance

    2. Packaging run off site

    3. End of week beers and pizza

The intent of these sessions is to deep dive into what the Codi Filler really is, how it operates, how it’s assembled, and how to keep it performing at or above expectation! With the classroom setting, we can limit the distractions and tasks, and zero in on the topics at hand. The course is catered to operators and maintenance staff alike. With a full curriculum followed each day to keep the flow of information moving efficiently. The off site runs on Wednesday and Friday will be taking what we've learned in the classroom setting and putting it into practice.

What to bring:

  1. Steel toe safety boots

  2. Safety glasses

  3. Laptop for notes, or some other 19th century note taking device.

  4. Micrometer from your Codi toolbox

If you want to expand your operator's and maintenance team's knowledge of the Codi system, then this is the way to go! Straight from the service team, in our facility, done and done! Reach out for more information to and we can send you financial info along with the enrollment form. Packaging for life, forklift certified, that's what's up!

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