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canned soda

“Best mobile canning line on the market! Quality craftsmanship, amazing tech support, awesome DO levels, very low loss. Can't say enough good things about CODI and the line!”​


“Codi makes a top line medium filling system. From engagement through installation and install technical support, the team is excellent. There is no other company that I would recommend in this segment of the market”​

canned beer

“Our CODI line has offered us much more consistency than our previous line and the ease with which we can change can sizes has given us a huge increase in flexibility in this constantly changing marketplace.”​

carbonated beverage

“Our CODI machine is one of the best pieces of equipment we have bought for our brewery.  You can probably get a cheaper piece of gear but if you want something super well made and reliable that will not degrade the quality of your beer, buy a CODI”​


Choose the equipment that suits your beverage and facility and we will provide you with a variety of options to fit your specific space or application. 

Codi Manufacturing 2023 Tunnel Pasteurization - The addition of a Tunnel Pasteurizer to a canning line will greatly increase distribution range for your craft beverage by killing any microbes within full beverage cans. A tunnel pasteurizer offers a way to consistently pasteurize packaged beverages. It works by spraying hot water over the cans to elevate them to a specific temperature. The temperature is maintained for a predetermined amount of time to achieve beverage specific pasteurization units (PUs) that kill microbes within the beverage. The cans are then cooled and sprayed with clean fresh water before exiting the tunnel. Depalitizing - The Depalletizer automates the process of removing and stacking slip sheets between cans, pushing bulk can supply layer by layer onto conveying, and indexing cans into single file for feeding into the canning line. A built in computer gives the operator complete control over every operation to adjust push speeds, lower speeds, and single filer speeds as well as set alerts, # of can layers, and can size. Lowerator - The Grip Chain Lowerator transports cans from the Depalletizer and lowers them to the filler deck height via an “S” configuration. Two versions are available for optional can inversion if the cans need to be rinsed or date coded prior to filling. The width between the gripper chains is easily adjusted to accommodate all your can size needs. Craft filler - The Codi CCL-45 craft canning system is a counter pressure filler paired with a single head seamer. Our patented technology on the filling side of our craft canning line cannot be replicated by the rest. When we say counter pressure filler, that's exactly what we mean! Sure we were the laughing stock of those first trade shows, rolling in our stainless steel machine past all the un-cleanable plastic competition whose business model is based on replacement parts, but who’s laughing now? As they all try their best to replicate what we do better than anyone, we still stand supreme. Why risk infection with another canning line? Why opt for plastic that even windex is too harsh to clean with? Most importantly, why settle for a foreign made, mass produced machine? The Codi counter pressure craft filler is without hesitation the best money can buy. Our service cannot be beat, and our continued training is without a doubt next level! Counterpressure filling allows for complete fill control without exposing your beverage to the atmosphere. All mechanical seaming operation provides consistent seams every time. Completely CIP "Clean in Place" capable to easily sanitize between runs. 304 stainless steel counter-pressure fill heads create a seal over the can, evacuate oxygen with CO2, then fill cans using a change in pressure keeping more carbonation in suspension and eliminating the need to overfill. Handle Applicator - A PakTech is a recyclable can carrier made with polymer plastic. They are applied to cans to create 4 and 6 packs for distribution. PakTechs can be applied both manually or using a PakTech Applicator. The applicator indexes full cans with labels into two lanes, dispenses a PakTech, and applies pressure to secure the carrier in place before the cans continue down the canning line to tray and case packing. Labeling - The Codi Labelizer dispenses pre-printed labels as cans pass by along the conveyor. The adhesive on the label touches the can and is wrapped around using pressure from the side guides to securely adhere labels to wet or dry cans. Plastic backed labels with dairy adhesive are preferred due to their resistance to tearing and superior adherence.

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