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Customer Portal updates and what the future holds!

By: Jake Weesner - Codi Field Technician

Do you have a Codi Filler? Are you a member of our online customer portal?

Over the past year, the Service team here at Codi has spent a considerable amount of time putting together online resources for you, the Codi operators of the world! And let me tell you, it's only getting better! Whether you are looking for additional training, continued learning, or some heat of battle answers, we want to see you succeed! This blog post is in light of the most recent changes to the customer portal itself and the layout of specific pages. We have listened to your suggestions and needs, and are doing our best to try and hone in on what will make this the most efficient and user friendly resource for you and your team. Especially when it comes to the portal being smart phone friendly!

We are calling this update "Customer Portal v1.5" as we have kept a fair amount of the same feel and familiarity as the Customer Portal you have come to know in recent history. As of today, 8/19/2022, we now go full nelson on "Customer Portal v2.0" in hopes of releasing it some time closer to the end of the year, and I cannot wait for you to see what we are cooking up! It's gonna be so tight!

When you visit the Codi Manufacturing website, you'll notice at the top of the screen the dropdown toolbar labelled Customer Portal... hence, this conversation. If you are not already a member, and you click on any of the 4 options it will instantly take you to the signup page.

Creating an account - If you are a Codi customer, running Codi equipment, then you are in! There's no monthly fee or any other element of vetting system. We usually suggest that each operator has their own login credentials to be able to pull up various information, almost part of the onboarding process for operator training. I have definitely visited facilities that opt to have one login for the packaging team, and one for the maintenance crew, whatever makes sense to you, we're not gonnna judge.

Once you have entered your info and convince the portal you are not a robot by doing a stupid captcha thing, you will receive an email shortly after from the service team telling you that you have been approved. Clicking the link in that email will take you right back to the same signup page you were just on, however this go round, you will click the "Log In" option under the sign up button and will enter your email and the password that you chose upon signup. Boom! You're in! That same drop down menu that was not accessible is now at your disposal. All the training videos, walkthrough PDF's and resources. Let's start to dive into these different sections of the portal and talk about updates along with future expectations for you!

Training Videos - With videos ranging from how to set your pin height, to Op roller adjustment, the variety of POV view and closeups will get you squared away on multiple facets of your filler and seamer. With our recent move to a new facility in Littleton Colorado, we are in the midst of building a Sound proof video room, which will only improve the quality of these videos as the future unfolds. Over the coming months, keep an eye on this section of the customer portal, we have a lot of new and insightful videos scripted and ready to be filmed.

Training Guides - This is one of the bigger areas that has changed with this newest update to the portal. With the main focus on being more smart phone friendly, those of you that have been using the portal for some time now will notice instantly how different the layout is. The landing page now gives you the option to jump to specific areas of the filler and seamer to nail down the exact guide you are looking for. We have gone away from the long list of gallery photos, no more scrolling up and down to try and find the correct walkthrough. This change was the number one area where we heard your feedback, and made a step in the direction that was asked!

Can Damage Guide - This is the most exciting update to the customer portal! In the drop down toolbar you can access an interactive can damage troubleshooting guide that will give you a beautiful jumping off point to be able to diagnose what the culprit must be in the conversation of can damage. During a canning run, you may see some consistent markings or dents, or something showing itself every 75 cans or so. Whatever the consistency, all too often, it is tough to know where to make the adjustment in the heat of battle. It's Monday, you're 12 cases into the run and all of a sudden you're holding a can asking "what the hell is that?". This is where the can damage troubleshooting guide will set you down the path to success. Compare the ornery can you are holding to one of the cans on the screen. When you find the similar photo to what you are seeing on site, click on the can and you will be taken to a page that has links to walkthrough slideshows, an order of operations, and tips to get your seamer back running perfectly once again!

Resources - Being the most straight forward of the Customer portal options, the resources section is chalk full of PDF downloads! At the very top of the page you will find 8 documents labeled "Codi Operator's Handbook". These PDF's are ready to be downloaded, printed, and used by any operator on a day to day basis, or kept in a binder in the pack hall when they are needed. They contain things such as a CIP SOP, run paperwork, and a can damage cheat sheet. Any operator of a Codi filler will value greatly from this wealth of knowledge.

The Future - So, where exactly are we headed? As I spoke earlier, "Customer Portal v2.0" is in its early stages of design. We are going to be breaking away from the current format and making the Portal itself its own entity all together. An entire site dedicated to Codi equipment, training, and continued education for even the most experienced of operators. Our team of field techs have a solid idea of what information you want at your fingertips, we speak to all of you often and I have to say that it is joy to work through the packaging woes we all face. That being said, chime in on this post and let us know what you would like to see! Is there something in the portal that would be a game changer for you and your team? Is there a video you would like to see in regards to making an adjustment or dialing in? Is there an SOP you are curious of? Whatever the case may be, this is a golden opportunity for you to be heard.

As I said in the beginning, we would love nothing more than to offer each and every one of you the tools to succeed, more importantly the confidence to know how to manage your line, and the equipment you run. Independence is priceless in our field, let us know how we can get you and your team there! Packaging for life, forklift certified, that's what's up!


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