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The Codi Service Center is here!

By: Jake Weesner - Lead Operator/Trainer

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure I present to you the Codi Service Center!

A few months back, as a Service Team, we began to overhaul the current customer portal on the Codi website. We focused mainly on functionality with an increase in useful information for all the Codi operators of the world. The improvements we made were not only necessary, but long awaited. As we worked to bring out those updates, we began to realize that what truly needed to be done was to start from scratch. The glass ceiling of the current Customer Portal was fast approaching, and we were not about to limit ourselves, much less short change you! As a team we decided that the Codi Service Center needed to be an entity of its own, opening up the doors of increased information and seamless troubleshooting.

With over 500 members utilizing the Customer Portal at this current time, it was evident that having resources available online to aid in troubleshooting and preventative maintenance is a priceless feature to owning a piece of Codi equipment, so why not make it even better!

I would only assume that many of you have questions and concerns regarding this big change. Let me address a few of these for you:

What is the Codi Service Center?

Similar to the Customer Portal, the Service Center is solely dedicated to troubleshooting, further training, forums, and in the near future even parts ordering. No sales pitches, marketing, or social media links. The goal of the Service Center as a separate entity is to create a space for an operator to have access to information necessary to package their product at the highest level! Information that is not only easy to find, but thorough.

Will it still be members only?

Absolutely! Just like before, the only stipulation being that you own a piece of Codi equipment. It is free to sign up, there is no annual fee, it is here for you to utilize as you see fit. Whether each member of your team has a separate login, or you have one for the entire crew.

What changes can I expect to see?

First and foremost you will notice an increase in information. The more equipment we roll out, the more walkthroughs, manuals and tutorials are required. We have also set up this new platform to better suit your needs as operators when it comes to phone functionality, cause let's be honest, a laptop sitting next to a canning line is never a good idea. And last but not least, it just plain looks better! It is more aesthetically pleasing to use and navigate which I felt was a nice touch.

I'm already a member of the customer Portal, what does this change mean for me?

As a current portal member on our website, you will have 2 months from today, Friday, January 13th to head to and create a new login. After that 2 month mark, Monday, March 13th, the customer portal tab on our website will become a hyperlink that takes you straight to the Service Center where you will need to create a new login. Whether you choose to get ahead of the curve and bounce over right away, or wait till the internet goblins force you, it is your call. I would say get over there sooner than later because it's just that much better! I should mention, if you opt to enroll right away, it may take a second to be approved due to the high volume of requests.

You mentioned parts ordering, are you for real?

Yes, I am super serious! However.... Day one of the launch of the Codi Service Center will not include the functionality of parts ordering as this task is much greater than one would assume.... and I continue to find out as we build that portion of the site. We have a goal in mind of when we would like to see that portion of the Codi Service Center have full functionality and we will keep you up to date as we get closer to it! It'll be here in no time!

As I have said many times before, we would love nothing more than to offer each and every one of you the tools to succeed, more importantly the confidence to know how to manage your line, and the equipment you run. Independence is priceless in our field, let us know how we can get you and your team there! Packaging for life, forklift certified, that's what's up!


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