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Fill Aluminum Bottles with the Codi CCL-45 Filler

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Have you seen the aluminum bottles appearing on supermarket and liquor store shelves recently? Many brands are adopting this new form of packaging to differentiate their beverages from the endless varieties on the market. The Codi CCL-45 filling machine is capable of filling these aluminum bottles as well as traditional aluminum cans. To cap the bottles, we use custom conveying to integrate an ROPP capping machine into the canning line. Capping machines are available through Codi Manufacturing from Zalkin and a few other manufacturers.

ROPP stands for "Roll On Pilfer Proof" and refers to a type of closure used on various types of glass and aluminum bottles. They are most often associated with screw top wine bottles but are used for all sorts of tamper evident packaging. Aluminum bottles are currently experiencing increased popularity especially in bottled water and wine but they are well suited for any beverage. You may have had a beer in one at a summer concert or a sporting event.

The aluminum bottles are available from Ball, Trivium Packaging, and some overseas manufacturers such as Shining Aluminum Packaging. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any type of beverage. The appropriate bottle for your product depends on size, carbonation, acidity, and alcohol content. One thing all ROPP bottles have in common is a pre-threaded bottleneck for the aluminum caps to form to.

How an ROPP capping system works:

An ROPP bottle capper uses an elevator to move bulk cap supply from a hopper and dispense one at a time onto full bottles. The bottle then moves under the capping head where the pliable aluminum cap is crimped onto the threaded bottle neck. In the same operation the cap is tucked under the lip on the bottleneck to form the pilfer band. Many beverage brands have adopted the use of ROPP aluminum bottles in recent years because they offer a variety of benefits that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Benefits of aluminum bottles


You can take the bottle on the golf cart, to the beach, or on a boat without worrying about spillage. Then, when you’re finished with your drink, you can refill the bottle with something else.

Tamper Evident

You can drink from ROPP bottles without worrying about the integrity of the beverage it holds due formation of the pilfer band during bottle capping.

Infinitely Recyclable

For climate conscious businesses and consumers, aluminum is becoming the preferred packaging for RTD beverages because it is 100% recyclable and sustainable.


The bottles come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes from producers such as Ball and Trivium Packaging.

Low weight

Drinks are already expensive to transport. Why not cut down on weight with lightweight packaging to reduce shipping costs.

Excellent graphics capabilities

The printing capabilities and shrink sleeving opportunities on the cans provide some awesome possibilities to stand out on the shelf.

Cools Quickly

Aluminum has a much higher thermal conductivity than plastic and glass so you can get to drinking sooner with packaging that cools fast.

Easy to source

Aluminum bottles aren’t experiencing any supply issues currently and are available from Ball, Trivium Packaging, and a few other manufacturers.

Suitable for High Carbonation Beverages

Aluminum bottles can hold highly carbonated beverages such as champagne and German wheat beers.

If you are interested in taking advantage of all these benefits, Codi Manufacturing can help. We have extensive experience building custom canning lines for small and large beverage producers. Our team works closely with every customer to build a custom packaging line that will fit in your production space and provide any capabilities you desire. Our experience with custom conveying allows for integration of the full range of canning line equipment to fill the container of your choosing. Learn more about ROPP bottles and the Codi Canning System over on our YouTube channel.


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