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Field Service Team

The Field service team at Codi is ready to tackle any job! Whether it is an install, a startup, annual maintenance or phone support, we are here to set you up for success!

Stan Nestler

Service Team Manager

     With almost 10 years of experience in the seaming industry, Stan is a wealth of knowledge unmatched. Whether he is working with engineers on the design and functionality of our machinery, or scheduling your facilities on site maintenance, he leads the service team with pride!

  • Claims to have met Patrick Roy.

  • Grew up in Lyons, tells people he's from Longmont.

  • Memorized the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy by age 7.

  • Collects precious moments figurines and thinks no one knows.

File_000 (1).png

Matt Osborn

Lead Installer

     If you think to yourself, "there's no way we are going to get all this equipment setup up in a week", Osborn will have it done in 3 days. The guy is a pro!

  • "If a hammer won't fix it, get more hammers".

  • Not an actual Pope.

  • Wears Carhart bibs to the public pool.

  • It's rumored that he was once an extra on Animal Planet.

Jake Weesner

Lead Operator/Trainer

     Coming from craft beer packaging on an early model Codi filler, Jake has seen his fair share of improvements and redesign of our machinery. As our lead trainer, Jake will have your team firing on all cylinders after your startup week, or any on site time for that matter!

  • Talks entirely too much.

  • Has 5 chickens and refers to them as his employees.

  • Apparently under the assumption that hygiene is a greeting.

  • Thinks "Stranger Things" is a documentary.

Devin Ward

Field Service Engineer

     One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, Devin is a joy to have on site working with your team. His level of understanding when it comes to programming and controls makes his skill set a priceless addition to our crew! Also he is tall.

  • Prefers sleeping outside with his dog in the woods.

  • Originally from the real skinny top part of Idaho.

  • Won a state fair hot dog eating contest on accident.

  • They call him the "Human Child".


Mike DeWitte

Field Technician

     After making the jump from craft beer packaging and cellaring, Mike has found his niche here on the service team. With a background in sound/video production as well, he has spring-boarded our customer training videos to a level we never expected!

  • Still has both of his feet somehow.

  • Has more miles in reverse on a forklift than you do going forward in a car.

  • Smokes a mean Pork butt.

  • Has never tried Pesto, can you believe it?

Jack Derloshon

Field Technician

     As a former Codi Operator in the coffee industry and the newest member of the service team, Jack has been a valuable asset to not only our crew, but every facility he visits.

  • Self proclaimed "Road Dog"

  • Refers to himself as a foodie... is a regular at Culvers.

  • Listens to ICP unironically.

  • Brews a solid pot of coffee. Jack! Fresh Pots!

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