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How It Works

The Vacuum Loop Rinser utilizes a large blower to create the suction needed to keep containers on the conveyor. Empty cans or bottles are supplied to the Vacuum Rinser from an overhead conveyor with a multi-belt single filer. As the cans travel in a loop, they are inverted and pass over a series of nozzles that supply ionized air to remove any debris from the container. Cans are then brought back to upright and fed into the filler.



  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • Blower provides suction to keep containers on conveyor

  • Production speeds up to 1200 CPM (2400 CPM dual lane)

  • Positive gentle handling: no need for track or side grippers 

  • No adjustments needed for different can sizes 

  • Customizable entry and exit heights 

  • Utilizes ionized air rinser to remove debris from cans

  • Conserve water

  • Eliminate residual water issues 

  • Lower wastewater/water reclamation costs 

  • Reduce chance of microbiological contamination

  • Not compatible with a water rinser


Space Requirement (L x W x H):

Single Lane:

28' x 3' x 16' 

(854 x 92 x 488 cm)

Double Lane:

28' x 6' x 16'

(854 x 183 x 488 cm)


1500 - 2000 lbs (680 - 910 kgs)

Power: Depends on height and application

Single Lane:

20 HP Blower & 2 HP Motor

Double Lane:

40 HP Blower & (2) 2 HP Motors

*All specifications are approximate and depend on individual application.



Get inspired with a variety of canning line designs.

DISCHARGE Layout2.jpg


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